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Who I am

Luso-Brazilian, married and in love, and owner of a couple of cute dogs!

I have more than 10 years of experience in the area of ​​Business Intelligence (BI) and that is what gave meopportunity to return to the roots and come to live in Portugal, which is where I’m writing this text today.

My father, portuguese, always spoke to me with so much enthusiasm, with so much love in the heart of this land that I could not stand and had to come and check with my own feelings. (P.S. did not lie in one word!).

We live in Lisbon today, my husband Leonardo and our two dogs, Naná and Slack.

Although it was the IT area that brought me to work here, I always had a hobby to photograph and travel. Today I create this blog, which joins my 2 passions.

I truly hope he can help and encourage people to travel more. For me a photo takes me to another dimension, I live the reality inside the photo and this motivates me even more to be in the place that this photo was taken and I often remember the moment I took that photo. I hope that my photos reach your heart in this way that I have described and that my look can stimulate you to want to experience those feelings inserted in the image. Good trip!

Leila e Leo


Nana – Our brazilian little princess


Slack – Our portuguese youngest baby