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The photobook is one of the most important things for me in the post-trip.

On my first trip I learned of his existence and I decided to order one, to have an idea of ​​what it was. Until then the information I had was that this ‘thing’ was for marriage and parties, after all, who makes to trips?

It was a mistake … what a wonderful thing is a photobook! After a while, several things of the trip are lost with the day-to-day and with the time, the only thing that stays is the records. When I look the photobook of some trip I made, I enter in another dimension, I return to the time of the trip and I can relive the moments, the feelings, the colors and the flavors.

It’s a yummy feeling, a good memory for a time that was so enjoyable in our lives.  Travel is usually leisure time with the people we love and a moment like this doesn’t deserve to be lost in our memory. Here enter the photobook, to organize and record in detail these delicious moments and to be able to rescue in our memory, creating again those moments in our mind and bringing us the happiness lived again afloat.

It’s how I feel with my photobooks, and because of that I want everyone to have this same feeling I have, I created this service.

It basically consists of sending me your travel’s pictures, we have a conversation, and you tells me about your trip, so that I can borrow your feelings and create a photobook that is closest to your feelings and tailor made.

This is my main concern for creation, because I want to give you the same joy that I feel when I look mine. Feelings on pages of caring and happiness say much more, for they speak directly to our hearts.

I offer as an example a personal book of one of the trips I made. They’re available in 2 formats: PDF and iBooks, where the format of iBooks have a little more interactivity and also allows to include videos. If you prefer, there is also the possibility of having the physical photobook, however the availability in this format is only for Brazil and Portugal for now.

Do you want to donwload the example and take a look in the photobook? Click here.
You already knows how’s the photobook and just want to know the price? Ask for a quote and tell me about your last trip.
I will be delighted to translate your feelings into the book.